Hibernate Parameter Binding

So, recently, I undertook the task of writing a quick project. From the ground up. I decided on a tech stack that I was familiar with and fit the criteria that was set forth by the project; struts2, hibernate, maven, java. Setup was fairly simple due to my knowledge of maven, but that is not what you are here to learn. [Read More]

Git Aliases

So, it has been a while but I have been working hard so we all know that you can’t really blame me for that! So today I want to run down my git configuration and how i make my life easier by using aliases… which if you haven’t guessed yet, I LOVE! [Read More]

Stackoverflow Careers 2.0

As many of us do as software developers/engineers/hackers I have been to, answered and asked my share of questions on stackoverflow in my career. They also now have an invite careers section of their site. I joined recently and have since completed my profile to a point where they see fit to grant me some invites. [Read More]