DIY, Homebrewing, and All Other Sorts of Fun!

Recently (in the last year or so), I have become quite enthralled in the process of beer brewing. This has not only led into wine making but also other DIY projects. Just last week I made my first attempt at making homemade ginger ale! With all this being said let me introduce you to the new section of MattErickson.ME. The Homemade/DIY Section (that doesn’t include coding). [Read More]

Introductions are in order I think

Hello World! Get it? …It’s a programming joke… …you know…like the first program you learn to write? Sheesh, rough crowd. As you may already have read in Matt’s most recent post, I’m the new guy around this site. My name is Tucker, I work in marketing/advertising as a jack-of-all-trades from copywriting to event planning. I’ve always been interested in technology and tinkering around but rather than learn cool computer stuff in college, I chose to take philosophy classes and play tennis. Nice to meet you too. So the background behind this collaboration is pretty straightforward,... [Read More]

Two Updates, Welcome Tucker and a Lesson in WordPress

First, I wanted to welcome a new contributor to the site, Tucker Combs! Tucker is, by profession, a marketing/advertiser. With that said I know that, from our days together in college, he has always had passion for technology and what developers love, creating. I want to welcome and thank him for joining in on helping us solve some of the struggles we go through learning technologies. Now, on to the meat and potatoes of today’s post. Recently, the theme that I have based my site off (Living Journal) updated. While that wouldn’t have been a... [Read More]