Shout out to lauren!

My wife rocks Most of you are thinking “well, there is always a reacher and a settler, right?” Yes, I agree. And I stretched for the moon. Over the coming years I think we will see some real battles that will be fought for people who deserve to have every right to be, do, and succeed as their neighbor. I don’t sit on one side of this fence, I am not with her, I’m not in on the ‘Black/Blue Lives Matter’ movement(s). But without taking a side I can still support all of them. All... [Read More]

A simple way to kill the annoying custom theming in angular material

Welcome back! Ok, maybe I’m saying that to myself. In either case, long time no talk, internet! Today we have a quick trick to kill styling in angular-material, which is a framework for angular 1 or 2 that I have enjoyed link to angular-material. So, here’s the thing, we (at my work) have a large code base that already has a multi tenent implementation of different themes set and we didn’t implement that using material (wasn’t available 4 years ago). So when we started pulling in pieces and including javascript we started noticing things like... [Read More]

Upgrade to angular 1.5 and input vs. model naming

So, here is the thing ng-model and name on input are two things you should be comfortable seeing if you are in the angular community. Well, let me tell you something… You will get some seriously weird behavior if those two items are the same. The form on scope will get weird validation state and your values will be all sorts of FUBAR. Keep these two magic strings seperate and don’t cross the streams.